Schon Properties

has been an integral

part of Dubai’s real estate

sector for the past decade

We are recognized as a premier real estate broker delivering mixed-use, hospitality and residential developments for a smart lifestyle.


We are transparent, and build long-lasting relationships based on trust.

We value quality, and create assets that lead the market in design, execution and the integration of smart capabilities.

We deliver what we promise, and train our teams to do the same. We have a reputation for getting things done.

We offer expertise from around the world and our teams are representative of Dubai’s multinational population.

About Us

The firm, part of the diversified Schon Group, has evolved from its traditional role as a leading leasing and building management specialist to become a premier real estate broker.

Schon Properties is set apart by its experience in studying the requirements of end-users, and delighting them with smart mixed-use and residential apartments that deliver integrated living.

We support you throughout your journey with us in ways that surprise and exceed expectations. Each client interacts with a single relationship manager throughout the purchase and ownership experience to ensure continuity and transparency.

Today, Schon Properties’ track record and focus on a seamless customer experience make it the brand investors trust when wanting to explore opportunities in Dubai’s vibrant real estate market.

We consistently exceed expectations to create a track record of excellence.
All our projects benefit from exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail.

Chairman’s Message

Today, Schon Properties is a leading real estate broker of premium turnkey mixed-use property solutions that offer the best value and significant returns on investment.